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Give your best to become the best fanfare!

Memorize your partition and cooperate to gather the corresponding movements in order to perform the best carnival’s percussion choreography.


You have a sequence of three partition cards to memorize and reassemble. However, your hand is limited to only two percussion cards.
It’s your job to cooperate with your partner to reassemble the sequence with your both hands combined.
When you do, you’ll have to perform your partition’s movement in the right order without failing to win the game.

Now clap your hands, your heads and knees, joke around a bit (or a lot)...
But most importantly... Have fun!


Fanfaronnade! is a board game we made in only 4 days as part of the introduction course of our video game school CNAM-ENJMIN.

We had to make a board game linked to the fanfare theme. We worked in a team of 6 to realize this project and we're proud to present it to you!


Paul Eyheramouno
itch page

Jeremy Guarober
itch page

Rémi Le Gallo - Le Manach
itch page

Axel Malherbe
personal site - itch page

Fiona Rosette
itch page

Florent Vain
itch page


Rules ENG 364 kB
Cards to print ENG 1 MB
Règles FR 355 kB
Cartes à imprimer FR 294 kB

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